Suffering from hot flashes?

You are not alone, in Sweden alone, 400,000 women suffer every day from menopausal symptoms.

Hot flushes and sweating create a lot of trouble!

We have a solution for that.


Blizz™ is an intelligent system, where a body sensor is attached to the body, and the system detects a hot flash and starts the fan, which cools comfortably until the hot flash is over.

It effectively relieves the symptoms of hot flashes:

De positive effects

  • Reduced discomfort from hot flashes
  • Increased quality of life
  • No need for medicine, hormones, or other treatments
  • Reduced discomfort both night and day
  • Better sleep, and fewer awakenings, as well as easier to fall asleep again after a nap
  • Less stress

Where can I order it?

Production will begin in autumn 2024.

If you are interested to get update, please send us an email, click here.

We will then keep you updated about Blizz™.